Terms of Use

Effective as of October 14, 2021

  1. Context
    1. This contract defines the privileges and obligations of Roksnet data exchange platform.
    2. By using our services, the User accepts current terms.
    3. In case of any inconsistencies between the English version of these Terms and any translations of the Terms to another language, the English version of the Terms shall take precedence in the matters of governing the relations between the parties.
    4. If there is a written agreement concerning provision and use of the platform which is different from these Terms of Use concluded between the Member and Operator, the written agreement shall prevail.
    5. In case of force majeure the Operator shall not be liable for breach of its obligations stipulated in these Terms. Force-majeure circumstance is any event beyond control of the Operator.
    6. Any disputes and disagreements related to these Terms of Use shall be settled in accordance with legislation of the Republic of Estonia. Any claims in any way related to these Terms of Use or the Services shall fall under the jurisdiction of the court of law of the Republic of Estonia.
  2. Definitions
    1. Operator - Roksnet Solutions Ltd ensuring the operation of the Platform following the best practices of data exchange platform maintenance and high level of due diligence. Information about the operator and its services can be found from its web page www.roksnet.com.
    2. Platform - the distributed data exchange platform enabling high security data exchange using X-Road technology and principles.
    3. Member - physical or legal entity using the platform for providing and/or consuming data services of Members.
    4. Member Code - unique identifier issued for each Member by Operator during registration.
    5. Security Server - Operator provided technical solution defining a Platform node and used for connecting Members information system to the Platform.
    6. Central Services - services necessary for Continuous operation of Security Servers and ensuring the security of the data exchanged between Security Servers.
    7. User - representative of the Member who carries the responsibility to prove that he/she has necessary privileges to represent the Member, is adult and not contradicting any local or international laws.
  3. Roksnet Platform
    1. The Operator provides Platform for its Members to enable Members to securely exchange data. The platform is composed of two instances:
      1. 'roksnet' instance for operational level data exchange.
      2. 'roksnet-dev' instance for preparing data exchange scenarios and solutions.
    2. Technical properties of the Platform are described in the Technical Declaration that can be found from roksnet.com web page.
    3. The Platform with its Core services is provided to the member according to the fees stated in item 7.
    4. The Platform is operated without any other commitments then stated in these Terms of Use.
    5. Non-delicate information about the Member and anonymized meta-data about Member’s activities on the Platform can be used for commercial purposes including advertisement.
  4. Platform Operator Responsibilities
    1. Operator maintains and governs the Platform with high care and ensuring the stability and sustainability of the platform and its Members interest.
    2. Operator ensures the following services for continuous operation of the platform:
      1. Member management service ensuring the integrity and authenticity about Members in the Platform central components.
      2. Central Services needed for Security Servers operation.
      3. Trust Services needed for Security Servers operation.
      4. Monitoring of the platform without any breach to business content of the Members.
      5. Publishing of guidelines and instructions.
      6. Support using support@roksnet.com channel.
      7. Software repository.
    3. Operator is not ensuring continuous operation of Members Security Servers and other connected systems.
    4. Operator can send instructions to Members to ensure the stability and security of the Platforms. These instructions can be suggestions, recommendations or commands as shall be defined in the instruction.
    5. To enhance the platform experience the Operator provides additional service for a fee as state in the Price List published in www.roksnet.com web site.
    6. Operator can disable or remove Members from the Platform if:
      1. Member is abusing the Platform and/or other Members.
      2. Member is not following instructions issued by the Operator.
      3. Member is not paying fees defined in this Terms of Use and Price List.
    7. Operator is not responsible:
      1. for the content provided by Members using the Platform.
  5. Contact
    1. All registration related information, ordering of additional services, support request and incident reports by Members must be sent to support@roksnet.com.
    2. Support channel is usable 24h a day.
    3. No reaction time or resolution time is ensured by Operator. However, reasonable reaction can be expected depending on the severity and importance of the request sent to the support channel.
  6. Member Privileges and Obligations
    1. Becoming a Member:
      1. Any legal or physical entity represented by a User becomes the Member of the Platform by requesting a Member Code in operator web page.
      2. The Users requesting for membership (or changes to the membership) must provide correct information about itself and about the entity being represented.
      3. Requesting the Member Code means agreeing to the current Terms of Use and its related documents.
      4. Setting up and configuring a Security Server acquired from the Platform software repository according to Operator instructions.
    2. Member Privileges:
      1. Member can securely receive or transfer data, information by means of web services via the Platform with other Members.
      2. Member is allowed to define its information system physical, network and service architecture.
      3. When receiving data and information from other Members using the Platform the received data must not be used in ways prohibited by the Members who provided the data and information.
      4. Member is eligible for free support service in the amount of one (1) hour per month.
      5. Member can order additional services according to the price list available from www.roksnet.com web site.
    3. Member Obligations:
      1. Member is fully responsible for the content provided to other Members using the Platform.
      2. It is prohibited to use the Platform for illegal purposes. The Member bears all the responsibility for their actions and consequences.
      3. It is prohibited to participate in any form of deception or misinforming.
      4. Informing duty:
        1. Inform Operator of changes in Members contact information.
        2. Inform Operator of information security incidents in the Platform or threats of information security incidents.
      5. Due diligence:
        1. Must not manipulate, override, or alter the functions of the Security server.
        2. Host and maintain the Security Server (or Security Servers).
        3. Ensure the security of Security Server and other connect Member systems and solutions.
      6. Member must timely pay the Operator issued invoice for the membership fee (items 7) and additional services defined in the Price List.
      7. When using services of other Members the conditions must be followed and if those services are provided for a fee respective payments must be made to other Members.
      8. These Terms do not give the Member the permission to use any element of branding or logos of Operator or Platform without explicit consent from the Operator.
      9. The Member is not entitled to claim any compensation regarding temporary suspension of the Platform or limitation of access to the Platform.
  7. Membership Fee
    1. Upon registering the member is required pay for a membership fee:
      1. Non-production environment: 0 EUR per month.
      2. Production environment fee: 100 EUR per month.
        1. Government and local municipality organizations: permanent discount 50%.
        2. Physical persons: permanent discount 80%.
    2. The membership fee covers the costs of Platform core services as described in item 3.
  8. Changes to the terms
    1. Operator reserves the right to change these Terms of Use.
    2. Members are Notified of Significant changes to the Terms at first opportunity.
    3. The changes have no retroactive effect and come into force on the date of publication.
    4. If the Member does not agree with the changes in the Terms of Use the Member has the right of terminating its Membership on the Platform.
  9. Terminating the Membership
    1. The Member can terminate additional service or Membership at any time by sending appropriate request to the operator (see item 5).