Price List of Additional Services

Valid from October 1st 2021.

The following is the terms and definition of services provided for Roksnet Platform members under the Terms of Use that can be found from web page.

  1. The following services are provided for Members for a fee. To request any of the following services the Members must send a request to
  2. Services:
    1. Support:
      1. Any unclassified support request - 120 EUR per hour. Measured by each started 0.5 hours.
    2. Security Server related services:
      1. Installation and configuration of one security server - 200 EUR
      2. Hosting and maintenance of one security server (2xCPU, 4GB RAM, 80GB HDD, 8TB network traffic) - 50 EUR per month.
    3. Training services for up to six (6) persons at a time:
      1. Practical Security Server setup, operation, and maintenance training (4 academic hours) - 3600EUR.
      2. Practical service development and X-Road related configurations (4 academic hours) - 4600EUR.
    4. Consultation services (interoperability establishment, system, and service architecture) - 250 EUR per hour. Minimal amount of service is four (4) hours.
  3. Cost of all Additional services requested by the Member are aggregated into monthly payments and invoice issued to the Member.
  4. If the total amount to be invoiced is less then 25EUR the Operator has the right not to issue the invoice and add the sum to the next invoice.
  5. All prices indicated in here are without VAT.
  6. All services are provided from distance.